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Call HERO Heating when you need A/C repair service!
Call HERO Heating when you need A/C repair service!
Call HERO Heating when you need A/C repair service!

Furnace Installation and Replacements in DeKalb County, Illinois

We are gas furnace experts in DeKalb County, IL. If you’re building a new home, or if your gas furnace is more than 12 years old you should consider upgrading to a new efficient and reliable Armstrong Pro Series™ gas furnace.

Cold cruel winters are the norm here in northern Illinois. Having a properly installed, efficient gas furnace as the heart of a comprehensive heating system is a matter of life and death on our coldest winter days.

The licensed and insured heating technicians at HERO Heating, Air Conditioning & Duct Cleaning have local experience to help you choose the features you need and size and design your entire system properly.

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Featured Armstrong Quality Gas Furnaces

Our Armstrong furnaces are well known and respected throughout the HVAC industry. They are know for both their durability and quality, but also for their affordable pricing. We also offer very attractive system financing to help you through an emergency system replacement. Our featured Armstrong furnaces include:

Armstrong Air A97MV

High Efficiency Modulating Furnace

Family A97MV
Class Pro Series
Efficiency AFUE 97%
Combustion Type Modulating
Controls Comfort Sync
Blower Motor Variable
Armstrong Air A962V

High Efficiency Modulating Furnace

Family A962V
Class Pro Series
Efficiency AFUE 96%
Combustion Type Two-Stage
Controls Comfort Sync
Blower Motor Variable
Armstrong Air A802V

Two-Stage, Variable Speed Furnace

Family A802V
Class Pro Series
Efficiency AFUE 80%
Combustion Type Two-Stage
Controls Comfort Sync
Blower Motor Variable
Armstrong Air A951E

Single-Stage, Constant Torque Furnace

Family A951E
Class Standard
Efficiency AFUE 95%
Combustion Type Single-Stage
Controls 24 Volt
Blower Motor Constant Torque
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TRUE 24/7 Service

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Key Furnace Facts

Maybe your home's or businesses AC system doesn't need replacement, but you'd like to have peace of mind knowing that your AC unit is going to keep running efficiently and effectively all season long. We offer maintenance programs for your comfort systems, which include very thorough visual and mechanical inspections. Our AC annual maintenance program includes;

  • Firing Rate: Traditionally gas furnaces are single stage and are either on at 100% output, or off. Two stage furnaces operate much of winter at about 60% of rated capacity for quieter more comfortable heating. Modulating gas furnaces are available with fully modulating operation and variable speed fan motors for the ultimate in comfort and efficiency.
  • Blower Motor: Traditionally gas furnaces are equipped with single stage PSC based blower motors. It has only a single speed, and is relatively inefficient. Constant Torque Motors are higher efficiency, brushless DC motors that are designed to provide a given rate of airflow (CFM) even when operating conditions like static pressure change. ECM Variable Speed Motors can provide a broad range of airflows based on system requirements for better comfort and air quality while using less energy than other motor types.
  • Controls: Your current gas furnace probably operates based on a single stage mercury based 24 VAC thermostat. Now there are both electronic programable thermostats, and smart control that can integrate Apple or Android Apps.

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Based from our Pleasant Street headquarters, our HVAC technicians focus on safety, quality, and efficiency. We’ll make sure to size your system properly for DeKalb area home or business. We make sure that your ductwork is clean, tight and properly sealed that gas piping is properly sized, tested and secure. For us, it's about doing things right the first time!

Gas Furnace Repair Services

Gas Furnace Repair and Maintenance

If you're having trouble with your existing DeKalb area gas furnace, we offer emergency repairs around the clock 365 days per year. We service all brands and carry most parts necessary to get your heating system back up and operating fast.

Click here for more information about our heating repair services.

About H.E.R.O. Heating

  • Established in 1866, we are owned by DeKalb resident Glenn Nimerfroh.
  • We are DeKalb's's only Armstrong Pro Team® dealer.
  • All of our heating technicians are licensed and insured.
  • We are a member of the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce.
  • We are more than proud of our A+ rating with the Illinois Better Business Bureau.
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